28,7 x 24,5 cm | 280 pages | Hardcover | € 59 | English-Dutch


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Each day I want to feel the euphoria of creating something new. No matter how good a new creation might be, after two weeks, it’s no longer ‘alive’ for me. Restlessness is ever-present in my life. e quest for enlightenment, on both a personal and professional level, is perpetual. You won’t nd actual recipes in this book, just stories about the origins of my dishes.
I never write down recipes. My cooking doesn’t follow a set formula because it is constantly evolving and inspired by the moment. Which is what everyone should aim for in the kitchen.
— Kobe Desramaults

This book is the result of a three-year period of intensive collaboration with Kobe Desramaults. It contains exceptional photographs by Stefaan Temmerman, Sarah Vitale and Piet De Kersgieter, together with 43 ‘food stories’. In these texts, Desramaults reveals the secrets behind the pure and authentic cuisine of In de wulf and Chambre Séparée.

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